PD 80/20

Okay, here’s my story. Before I started taking PD 80/20 I was getting debilitating migraines about 4-5 times a week. I had extreme brain fog, pain that would radiate my whole head, and eventually I would end up vomiting all night because it was so incredibly painful. I was also taking progesterone shots / injections 4x a week to try to keep my progesterone levels high enough for a healthy pregnancy
I heard about this supplement from a woman on the Young Living Convention and she talked about how it’s ingredients were designed to help with hormone function. 
Pregnenolone = precursor hormone for progesterone. DHEA = precursor hormone for estrogen function.
When I heard about the supplement, I thought “what the heck could it hurt” and I literally crawled over to my cabinet to grab it. (My husband had been taking it)
Within 15 minutes of taking it I had relief for the first time in 3 days. I thought “this has to be luck” so I took it again the next day. Then the next day. 
Here’s the crazy part (Lab work): 
Intuitively I felt that I should not do the progesterone shots, but I wanted to monitor them carefully as I was already in “zone 1- danger zone (29 in 2nd trimester)”. I got my labs back after starting Pd 80/20 and discontinuing my shots and they were at 59. 
🤯 I highly urge anyone who has these issues to try this. 
Q I’ve gotten: “isn’t DHEA bad for anyone who’s had hormonal cancer in their family” 
A: youll obviously have to consult your doctor and follow your own intuition, but my research shows that since this DHEA is coming from wild yam, it absorbs differently into the body. – 
Q: where does the pregnenolone come from? A: product support confirmed that it’s coming from natural food source of soy. (not an animal)