Okay, let’s walk you through the basics. 

When I was just getting started, I did NOT want this whole thing to not work and be a total waste of money. So, to give it an honest shot I realized I probably should buy the highest quality to know if oils really worked.
I fell in love and haven’t looked back.

More on quality: seedtoseal.com

The way I started was with this Essential Oils Premium Starter kit and it’s the one I recommend. You’ll get 


12 bottles of oil, each with hundreds of uses


a diffuser to infuse your home with the plant juice


Thieves spray (I use this to clean grocery store carts and baby changing stations) 


Thieves hand sanitizer 


Roller bottle fitment (to stick on the top of any essential oil bottle) 


There are other options, so look around and find out what fits for you. 

 Essential rewards is my favorite thing about being a Young Living member. The deal is that when you enroll in the program, Young Living has a date that they’ll ship you a box. You just log in and customize your box before that day each month and throw in it what you want, and they’ll give you tons of perks. They’ll give you points that count as free money to spend on their site, they’ll throw in random freebies depending on the month,… it’s a win win. 


So, I basically made a big list of everything I used to buy from the store (aside from food) and I switched it for Young Living! Soap, deodorant, toothpaste, cleaners, baby wipes, all of it.
There are so many options so go ham with the search bar but here are a few of my favorite recommendations for starting out. 

Okay I won’t keep you any longer! Go grab your kit at bit.ly/bethanyshipley and I’ll be in touch shortly to get you plugged into our teams exclusive facebook group! (if you’re on a phone and my member number doesn’t pop up as your enroller/sponsor, just enter it manually – 1505263)
Xoxo, Bethany